Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mad scientist stuff

I finished up most of the wiring for Randy's 52 this morning, I still have to hook up a speedo light, head light and tail light, but that isn't too big of a deal.

I found the oil pump that I ran on the sears yesterday, My dad, my friend Marty and I figured out how to convert a spacke engine into a re circulating oil system. I had it set up pretty good, oil was going where it was supposed to and returning pretty well. This required making flywheels rods and shafts. it was a big project, but everything went well. Unfortunately I snapped my sprocket shaft a week before the cannonball and had to shelf the recirculating system for a later date.

Here is the other side. It was belt driven and pretty cool. Delmar and I plan on making a fake magneto looking device that will hold the feed and return gears, as well as the ignition points for the second incarnation of the recirculating system. Projects and the speed bumps that come up when doing things like this are a real challenge, but a lot of fun. Here is a clip of the bike running with the oil pump set up. go and check it out and let me know what you guys think.


  1. Video is way cool but sounded kind of thrashy echoing off the garage door and in gear and all at advanced RPM. I wonder how quiet the motor would be with "POSSUM GREASE." This is a secret ingredient planned for Excelsior Racing Team motorcycles and is also know as " modern oil additives. How perfect was the valve adjustment? I found another video of the bike at lower RPM and it chugged along nicely and gave the feeling of substantial power. I just wonder how smooth the bike will be after everything is dialed in, broken and spot on spec. That's what I'm shooting for with my 1914 Excelsior TS. A gentleman's pride and joy bike to ride will satisfy me. I heard a knuckle idle once and was surprised at the lack of mechanical noise. Is that the norm? Have a nice day, Paul