Thursday, March 24, 2011


I took this picture to show that the shoes are parallel with the backing plate. A lot of times the hole that the brake arm goes in gets twisted or warped and needs to be straightened out. This is something that is done before parkerizing and paint, but it is always good to check things out during assembly. This is a good thing to check out on your brakes

OOOO AAAAAA. Check out the correct nut on the centering pin, it is the same as a buddy seat foot peg nut. The 3/8 lock washer under the jam nut on the brake cam is a special brake only part as well.

I found these number plates today. I bought the one with arabic writing on it when I was 15, it was on a hydra glide front fender. I loaned it to a friend in Kansas to copy, so he set me up with a repro one in return. He has since passed away. I think that I will have to put it on one of our bikes.

and we also found out that quarters are a perfect fit for pocket flash lights. This is pretty cool.

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