Friday, March 11, 2011

Ed's 1955 Panhead Progress

I did an interview tonight and worked on Ed's 55 frame. It takes quite a while to prep these things, but it makes a big difference in how smoothly things go together.

HEre are all the taps that you need to use in order to clean out the pain in all of the tapped holes.

Here is a cool picture of the date code on the top motor mount. HD started date coding frames when the went to the heavy duty top motor mount. This one is a 5A. Anyways, we got the fork legs back from being re bushed this week, and will hopefully have this thing set up as a roller before we go to PA next week.

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  1. When you chase threads and make fresh metal do you grease the hole to stop rust? I'm making lots of new parts and notice rust blooms pop up too easily on bare fresh metal. I've been spraying parts with spray lube after I place them in Ziplock bags. Just a thought. Great blog. Thanks, Paul