Friday, March 11, 2011

The dirtiest part of a knucklehead

I am working on seat posts today while I wait for a few parts for rear brakes. Here is one of the bashed in seat post springs from Don's seat post

Here is a picture of the replacement spring all cleaned up with the other seat post parts. All seat post parts are natural finish. HD did not feel the need to plate any of this stuff because it is always covered in grease!

Here it is all put together and ready to install, my cannonball scar seems to be healing up pretty well. I have another set of x rays in a few weeks and hopefully The doctors will give me the go ahead to start lifting more than 15 pounds of weight with my left arm.

Here is the seat post installed. The bottom of don's bike is just as clean as the top. I love knuckleheads.

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  1. Cool post on the seat post. I just got post parts from the machinist for my Excelsiors. They use a flat wound springs I'm trying to locate. It's a close fit to the frame tube. Thanks for the pics, Paul V Thailand/California