Monday, March 28, 2011

1938 big twin frame

This is the 38 frame that we bought last week. The neck, fat bob mounts, foot board tabs and tool box mount have been trimmed on it. There are a lot of nice parts about it, I am glad that we were able to pick it up. Nice early loops and front motor mount. Check out the welded tab on the brake stay, this is a late 37 to early 39 feature. It is kind of tough to make out, but there is a number stamped in the seat t casting. The factory stamped a number in every frame that they straightened at the factory. You don't see factory straightened frames that often, but they are out there when you look for them.

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  1. Matt, Did some early 39s have the 38 style brake stay? If so what's the difference between a late 38 and early 39 frame?