Wednesday, March 30, 2011

castings and carbs

Here is a pic of ed's 55 motor with the carb installed. It is like the crown jewel in a detailed out motor. I love tricked out linkerts. hd started using this carb support in 55 after finding out how much the one with the big hole in it sucked. This is not much better, it is very difficult to tighten up the 3-8 24 nut on the bowl nut with this support. I guess that it is the price you have to pay when bolting on more goo gaw stuff on motorcycles. I got a box from the foundry today. I am so shocked that I had to do a second run of gen saddles. I didn't think that I would sell more than 5 of them. Anyways, if you have asked about buying one in the last month, hit me up and I will fill your order. ahhh and the aluminum squashed birds! I am going to put a set on my 36, they will look so cool all polished up.