Thursday, March 31, 2011


Here is a pic of bottom end stuff coming together. All of the wheels are balanced, now it is time to install sprocket shafts and pinion shafts. My dad will assemble and true the rotating assemblies over the weekend. I spent some time on the 45 bobber last night. Here is a pic of the wrtt seat laying over the top of a standard full pan seat. These are so cool and make bobbers look perfect. Dan pugens makes them and does an amazing job. Here it is mounted on the bike. I bolted and shimmed the motor, and installed the generator and relay. This bike has original header pipes, and they fit soooo nicely. I couldn't wait to see what the rear fender looked like on the bike so I put it on. IT is so cool. I want to lace up the other painted front rim this weekend and get it off to be trued. Here is the other side. 45s have such great proportions.

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