Monday, March 14, 2011

plating etc

A box full of nickle plating showed up today from our friend Doug! This stuff looks so good. Most of the 36 to 39 manifolds are reproduction ones that we make.

These are for the 47 bobber that we are building for Glenn. I pre polished some spots on them, and as soon as i hit the areas with a little bit of compound, these will glow!

HEre are some of the carbs that got plated. Pretty cool stuff!

Ray is still prefitting all the stuff that goes on the 65. It is coming along well, the fender tips and tail light were repro on the bike. I found an original tail light and rear fender tip, but still need an og frong tip. Do any of you guys have one you would be willing to set me up with, shoot me an email at if you do. Thanks

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