Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thanks Paul

I am almost done with the 52. I got the rear wheel to spin freely and work the way that it should. I also filled it with fluids and checked for leaks, luckily everything is good. I will check it again for dripping in the morning, and fire it up tomorrow! woo hoo. My friend Paul sent me this neat letter with some pins today. His uncle was the famous Harry Molenaar of Hammond Indiana. Harry was a dealer from 1933 til sometime in the nineties, he was a racer, promoter, bike conservationist and above all a motorcycle enthusiast. One of the pins is a dealership pin and the others were ones that Harry wore on his suit coats. This is so cool! Check out the letter! The motor for the 1945 knucklehead that I built when I was 18 came out of Harry's old excess inventory. I always thought that it was cool to have been able to work on something that belonged to one of my heroes. I traded that 45 knucklehead for my 36 in pieces and have since put it together and ridden it all over the country, I think about harry every time i go on a big trip. He is legendary and has been someone that I looked up to for years. Here is a picture of my 1936 knucklehead tattoo that I got when I was 20. Harry is the fellow riding the bike. This picture was used in hds advertising literature for five or six years. I have a copy of the original photograph in my living room in my house. I will try to take a pic of it and post it in the future. I knew his nephew Paul through the m.c. business for a few years before I found out that he was related to Harry. I don't think that there are very many people that have somebodies uncle tattooed on their body. It is truly a small world.

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