Friday, March 11, 2011

Some neat things that came in the mail today

Here is the proof for our new parts list! It has been a huge group project to get this together, but it is finally done. Let me know if you would like one, there are over 120 parts in it that we either make or have made for us. We are our number one customer, so all of the stuff has to work lol. All of the parts are on our website, but there really isn't anything that compares to having a hard copy that you can hold with your hands.

We also got a big box of cad plating, which is great, most of the stuff was for Jason's 65, Here is a pic of his motor almost finished up, we just have to put the circuit breaker and intake manifold on.

Here is the chassis stuff.

Here is a neat pic of five different circuit breaker tops for different motors that we are doing. They cover mid 36 to 65, can any of you guys name them and the years that they were used on?