Thursday, March 24, 2011

45 and a 55

Delmar and Gerald came down to hang out for the afternoon. Gerald borough his 25 jd motor to get in the mix. It is pretty nice, but has a few issues that need to be addressed. Delmar brought down a gas shut off rod that he made. These are so nice. The three of us have been working on figuring out how to make old bikes from the thirties through sixty five gas tight, and are on our way. There is still some work that needs to be done on this, but we are getting there.

G is so cool. These look just like oems.

While Gerald and Delmar were here, I took advantage of their strength and had them install the motor in Ed's 55 panhead. This looks so nice. I still can't lift anything over 15 pounds with my left arm.

Gerald asked if I needed any other motors installed, so I had him put Dave's 45 motor in. HEre it is. THis bike is going to be so cool.


  1. Would love to see some posts on the J motor work. Cool. Big question: How do they get the knurling to match when it rolls around to the other side? Thanks, Paul

  2. I was going to ask how tough it was for you to get the knurling to match up. I haven't done much of it, but have read that you must get the diameter of the raw part to be just right so that it is an exact number of knurl teeth. If you go to a slightly bigger or smaller knurling tool, you have to turn down your part to be slightly different diameter, to match the new knurl tool.