Wednesday, March 2, 2011

some more spanish pics

Here is a pic of sergio and his wife giving me a ride in their 47 ul with a hand made sidecar. sergio has been a me-chan-ic in cuba for forty years. HE is very talented and has a firm grasp on all things mechanical. It was apleasure to meet him

He has a guest book that people from all over the world have signed. He asked mike and I to sign it and leave something in it to mark the page. I had just gotten a issue of Hog Tales Magazine right before I left the states and figured it would be a neat memento to mark the page that I got to sign.

Here is a neat pic of us laughing about some old transmission gears.


  1. Hey Matt .... I know you like old american bikes and I love the sears you built.

    I was just on the "The Vintagent" Blogg and Paul has an awesome and original Pope on the first part of the BLogg and I thought you might in enjoy it.



  2. That is soo cool Matt. Looking forward to seeing you and your Dad in a few weeks

  3. Thanks Eugene,
    that pope is a great bike. I am building a 17l model. It will probably take me twenty years, but I will have it done some day. That pope on Paul's site is a lot older than an 11. Still a great bike though.

  4. oops I meant to say newer than an eleven