Friday, March 25, 2011

Thank you HD

A couple of neat boxes showed up from the York factory today. We saw these last week when we went on our super cool nine hour tour. Ed tracked down the oldest nos tank that he could find and mounted it to a neat piece of wood with a bunch of engraving ont it, then had everyone that went on the trip sign it. Ed said he wanted to use a knucklehead tank, but couldnt find one in the dealer network, I guess it took a month or so to find it. It is probably a good thing that it isn't a knucklehead tank, because i would have ended up using it on a bike. I am not sure what year it is, it is rubber mounted and has a low profile gas cap and is still an amf tank. Do any of you guys have an idea? Whatever year tank it is, it is cool and a super nice gesture.

They also sent this cool group photo of the crew with my dad's 48 and Neil's 48. Check out my dad and Rays Vanna White pose.

1 comment:

  1. Ray could make a VAnna White fan out of me yet, but I'd need to buy a TV first.

    and your Dad is really a bright bulb in that pic.

    good on you guys, you live a great life, what could be better?