Monday, March 21, 2011

the rest of the weekend

This is a neat old building that some of the first documents of the us were drafted in. Zach told us that the founding fathers used to get wasted here lol.

We hung out with our friend Marty on Saturday. Marty is one of my heros, he is an old drag racer and can fix anything. whenever I have a question or problem he is on the list of guys that I call to trouble shoot and figure it out. This is a twin engined drag bike that he build before I was born. He also made a crazy nitro drag bike that he fabricated from raw materials. I could listen to him talk about that era for hours. The early drag bike scene sounds absolutely amazing, every body was working together to figure out how to go faster. It kind of sounds comparable to the early turn of the century when people were figuring out how to make internal combustion engines work. Now you can order a ready built drag racing engine from a couple of different manufacturers which kind of takes away the excitement of the mechanical process.

This is Billy, Matt and Marty. Billy and Matt are doing apprenticeships under Marty's watchful eye. I am writing a story about Matt and Billy for an upcoming issue of the amca magazine. These guys are all rulers.

We also spent a day digging through old motorcycle parts at a shop in PA. IT was awesome. We spent a lot of money and got a lot of neat stuff, but it has to be shipped home. These are the two pieces I smuggled on the plane. The knob is for Don's 42 and the lens is for Jason's 65. We also got to meet up with our friend John that we are building a 48 for, and Tanya showed up to hang out for a while too. The weekend was amazing.

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  1. Hey Matt, You were right in my back yard! Next time you're out this way look me up.