Monday, February 7, 2011

panhead fender trim

Ray flipped the 52 around this weekend to mount the front fender and sort out the brake business. This bike came to us as an ebay special, and we have had to go over everything with a fine tooth comb in order to get it sorted out. It is a lot more of a challenge to inspect hack workmanship, than it is to just start from scratch. This is coming along well and will be a great usable bike shortly. The rear fender for it is at the painters right now, and the one that is on in this picture will be fit, and then sent to the chrome shop for my dad's 53! that's right, he will have an all chrome pan head. haha

here is a pic of the right side stripe as it was fit to the fender by the previous owner.

here it is after an hour of tweaking here and there.

check out the bow in the stripe! eeeck

and this is how they should look. The strips and tip are both original pieces and are worth the effort of making them fit the proper way.

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  1. Once again, impressive detail work and a great blog! I have a twisted and rusted 1914 Excelsior fender to fix. Duh. Er uh. Gonna be looking for a shop to duplicate it too maybe. Thanks, Paul