Friday, February 4, 2011

47 wiring details.

1947 was the first year for a green wire to the oil pressure switch. It is also the last year of this fancy nickle plated push on terminal. I made these up a few years ago and Love them. Here it is crimped and soldered into place. I have a bunch of nos panhead ones, but eventually they will run out and I will have to make those ones too.

I buttoned up a bunch of the wiring on Andy's 47. Here is a good front business shot of the horn


That red wire is the positive wire. It loops around from the right side frame terminal, goes through a little clip, then back to the battery.

Man o man I love having the right stuff on our bikes. This is a great pic. I hope these pics help some of you guys out that are putting your bikes together.


  1. Matt, Any chance you could post a side photo of the headlight bracket, shock, & electrical terminals area on the 47. I am having a lack of clearance between headlight bracket & shock and clearance between the ends of the terminal screws & the upper shock strap. Your photos do a great service to us builders & future judges. Thanks Tim

  2. Hi tim,
    I can post a picture for you. You can move the position of your horn mount by bending the tab that bolts to your handlebar around. a lot of people bend that piece over the years and it is pretty important to get it close to where it was originally. I am not putting any of this info on the net to help future judges. I think that judging islike machining, you can only be as accurate as your ability to measure. Judges at amca meets are volunteers that for the most part do not know the bike as well as the person that built it. you should do your own research and not rely on somebody else.
    Matt Olsen