Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1946 and 1947 wiring flags.

This morning I used up the last terminal that i had bent up. I bent up 150 of these terminals six months ago and thought they would last me forever, i was mistaken. Luckily i had another 150 blanks cut out. These terminals were primarily used on 46 and 47 hds. they are bitchin and just like originals.

anyways, I was completely out of bent up ones and had to make some for the 47 and to fill some orders of different guys working on their own restorals. Here is the tool to do it. check out how the two separate diameters on the pin share a common line.

and here is a finished one. It is very tedious to make each one of these little guys, but I am glad that i do it and happy that our customers appreciate the work.

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