Monday, February 14, 2011


I got a big box of waxes from my friend dan today. I cant believe that i used up my first run of gen saddles. I have some other waxes at home and will send them off together tomorrow.

The top saddle is for a btsv. I thought that I could use a ohv saddle on a btsv case, and I could, but it would be a bunch of work, so I decided to just make some of the right ones up. i do not think these will sell, but at least kevin and Paul will have the right ones on their motors.

I am making some more squashed birds too. these are so cool, I am going to cast an aluminum pair for my 36.

Here is a 47 to 50 knob that i made a mold of.

The coin came from my friend john and is from 1936. I am going to make one of these in bronze or aluminum and put it on my bike. I have a really cool 1936 penny that i got from my friend Dave, I just am not sure where to put it yet. I am having fun decking out my 36 and tarding it up. I think there is a deck out your bike bug going around the shop. My dad and i are both going nuts on our bikes haha.