Wednesday, February 9, 2011

cats and misc. pics

Here is a pic of my parents house cat helping out with taxes.

Ray started on a 45 transmission today. this is a greasy old thing, but not in too bad of shape.

Here is a set of flywheels for a 51 that my dad put together. the wheels are new truett and osborne wheels and are soooo nice. We put them in all of our personal bikes and on customer motors when their wheels are worn out or if they want them.

Ray set up the brake and put the wheel on for good on Randy's 52. Now I can flip it around, hook up the cables and finish the wiring. I had to take the chrome tank off of the 47 because of setting up the cables. So we put it on thisbike. I kind of think of the chrome tank as the silly hat that gets passed around for pictures at a aparty. It is a cool novelty with out a doubt. I can't wait to see my dad's 53 all chromed out.

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