Tuesday, February 22, 2011

charter flight tips and 45 motors

So I have some mixed news and a life lesson to share with you guys. I was supposed to fly to South america to hang out with friends on Sunday Morning. I booked a charter flight, but I missed it due to extreme blizzard conditions. 18 inches of snow fell in Aberdeen On sunday. The thing that I did not know is that charter companies do not refund or transfer the money that you spend with them to other trips. The next available flight that I could get on was four days after the one that I missed due to weather. I am still going on my trip, but instead of having 7 days in the sun, I will have two and a half. The lesson that I learned and the mistake that I made that hopefully some of you will learn from too--is to not book charter flights during winter. The good news is, that I get an extra two days in the shop to build cool bikes and work on neat projects :)

Here is Dave's Bottom end. It is a 45 WL, it is sooo nice

Top end installed

Heads installed! I have to put the manifold on to align the cylinders, then we can torque everything down, adjust the valves and GO! I love detailed out 45 motors, they are so nice looking


  1. That sucks. Over here, travel insurance can cover cancelled flights due to weather.

    I admire the way you always remain so positive about not-so-positive situations!