Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little things

I spent most of the day keeping Jesse, my dad and ray moving and tonight I finished mounting the rear fender and crash bar on Don's bike I don"t think that i have ever posted pictures of the wing nuts that i made up five years ago. Early wing nuts have rounded edges and look a lot more finished when compared to modern wing nuts. I think that modern ones look cheap and blocky

Here you can see the difference. the modern wing nut has straight sides and the early style has convex sides. Pre war ones are made out of brass and post war ones are steel. I only make bronze ones, but will probably re cast them in steel when I run out of these. You can't tell the difference once they are cad plated.

Here is a pic of Don's 42 tail light base.

And here is the nos gasket that I scored for it. 42 was the first year for the gasket felt material gasket, 1939 to 1941 gaskets were made out of thick rubber

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  1. I gotta tell you Matt, I am no restorer (as you know well), but the level of detail you guys go to is unreal. I love it.