Thursday, February 10, 2011

neat bike photos

Here is a neat pic of my dads original paint 37 knucklehead after we first put 18 inch wheels on it. I love this bike it is probably the nicest one that we have. the crown jewel so to speak. It is super fast. We bought it from the original owner's son.

This is my dad's 53 panhead before we put the orange sheet metal on it. I never rode it in this configuration. we were asked by mike lichter to make a replica of the chino bike from the wild one movie, so we did, then we put it back to stock and then my dad and Mike rode it across the country for the cannonball.

Here is a great pic of Bob's 47 I love this motorcycle it turned out so great and he actually rides it, which is a huge bonus for my dad and i. Anyways, I did not work in the shop today as i have been with our website designer working on updating our products section on Go check it out and let me know what you think. I would like any and all input. thanks and have a nice day


  1. the tanks on my dad's 37 arenot original paint, but everything else is. this bike is so damn cool we also bought our 49 from the same fellow. Both bikes have been together since 1949 which is neat.

  2. Great bikes. Vintage bike are so awesome. I love the photos. I have one of my grandfather on his HD in 1918.