Tuesday, February 1, 2011

neat fixes

This is the carb that came with Don's 42. IT is pretty neat. The bike came from argentina and had some pretty unique fixes over the years. HEre is the adapter plate they made to run a m45 on a four bolt manifold. It is pretty good craftsmanship. unfortunately this carb is too small for the motor.

I mounted the crash bars on Don's bike today. the 1942 order blank lists chrome crash guards as part of the chrome package in the deluxe sport solo package. This bike is going to be sooooo flashy! I can't wait

Here is the crash bar on andy's 47. I love these things

Here are Ed's 55 cases. this is a complete bike that we get to do. I really like 55s and this one is going to be choice! It is going be blue with black hard bags.


  1. Is there a real 1942 springer on it? I scored one not too long ago and I'm pretty hyped about it.

  2. Hi Nick,
    It does have the right 42 frontend. I like your blue bike it is really nice. good job.
    Matt Olsen