Thursday, February 3, 2011

grinding surprises, nerdy details and oil pump fixes

A lot of people try to take the oil pump off without taking the key out of the shaft and mark up the hole that the shaft goes through. This was the case on the 55 that my dad is putting together. This is a fairly easy fix, you just put a dab of material in the hole and re machine it out.

I got my 976 stamp that I have been waiting for. This is a cool detail that we are now doing. Our 46 and 47 each had a white stamp with 976 on it. Our 41 and 37 horns are too rusty to tell if there ever was a stamp on them. I have only seen this on hummer horns and 42 to 57 horns. Have any of you guys seen the stamp on an original paint nine bolt horn, or a six bolt vl horn.

Here is an original horn off of a 45 big twin with the stamp. Pretty cool detail.

I prepped a bunch of stuff for aluminum welding tonight. This is the corner of Doug's 36 case. It had some pretty nasty repairs done to it in the past. You can see where I cut it with the cut off wheel in order to break the chunk out. Well I pryed on it with a screw driver and this chunk came out about a 100 thousandths above where I cut the case. Check out how dark it is, this has been cracked and ready to let loose for a LONG time. I don't know how to put into words how difficult it is to take a cut off wheel and grinder to a super early 36 knucklehead transmission case. After seeing this, I am glad that i did do it.

Here are some of the parts I ground on. Should be welded up and fixed pretty soon!


  1. Matt, Spooky is what it's all about. I look at my 1917 Henderson cases which have a 3/32" crown in them (how)and crappy repairs where 2 rods made an exit and other issues where the cylinder studs do their thing and.....spooky. I've met at least one guy that said he could straighten the case etc. Time will tell. Love that metal tech. Thanks, Paul

  2. matt,

    Nice work, but check the font on your horn number stamp. Not quite the same as the OG.

  3. Hi Paul,
    You can move the metal around by heating the case up in different areas. When I was eighteen I rode a indian inline six cylinder that Jerry ottoways dad made. He welded two indian four cases together and trued them on a surface plate, by heating the case in different areas and pulling the metal with the heat generated by the torch. I wish That I was crafty enought to do things like this, but am not there yet. I have a lot more learning to do haha.

    Anonymous. you are correct the font is a little off. I had two styles to choose from and picked the one that is closest. Have you had ths stamp made before? I would be willing to get one from your supplier if you have had better luck than me. Thanks.