Monday, February 7, 2011

Ed's 55 motor.

My dad finished up Ed's 55 motor yesterday. I really like how subdued the mid fifties and sixties motors are. These things look ssooooo good.

55 was the first year for aluminum pan covers. They were brushed aluminum, this is a very tough finish to achieve. I clear coated them with a clear engine enamal to prevent corrosion. I am not sure what hd used to protect this finish back in the day. these d rings are one year only as well, they only have six bolts.

Check out all the neat different finishes. lots of neat detail going on.

This cam cover has never been polished and is mint! i had to build up a nasty gouge in one of the ribs and re grind it into looking like something. The fork legs for this bike are off getting re bushed and should be back shortly, then we can start putting this thing together.


  1. I believe the original aluminum pans were clear anodized.

  2. Great picture Matt ! (featured at