Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Here is a neat pic i found of my sears getting worked on at my friend Doug's place in Indiana. We were having problems with my magneto and rear hub. I loved building and riding this bike and am looking forward to rebuilding it again and riding it all over the place.

Here is a picture of the guard dog Daisey may.

I mounted a ton of tires today. These are the 16 inch ones, now i have to do a few 18s. Lots of neat stuff going on lately and some really cool bikes will be coming together.

My dad is working on more knuckleheads. He is doing another seven sets. These are the three that he cut the seats on this morning. These things just find their way to us.


  1. I thought I did a lot of work . . . ssshhhhh.

  2. Ah hah. Sears at last. Are you putting a front brake on the Pope? I think the Sears should remain the same because it's history, but vote for an all original Pope with lights and buddy seat. Hehehe. Anyway, I also have a question. I got two small cracks outside the welds when I welded on pieces to fix my 1916 Excelsior cylinder fins. Could these small cracks be filled with silver solder or braze to make a crack free finish? Enquireing minds want to know. Thanks as usual, Paul V Bangkok/Los Angeles