Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ray finished up the transmission for the 52 yesterday. This thing was completely junk when it showed up at our place. the case had been chrome plated, 50 percent of the chrome was peeled off, and the whole thing was painted silver to cover it up. We stripped and textured the case and sorted out all of the mechanics. Now it is bullet proof rather than a time bomb.

Here is a neat pic of setting up the end play on John's 48. The cases are now bolted together for good.

OIL pump installed. we put a later oil pump drive gear set up on it which speeds up the oilpump and moves more oil.

HEre are the six transmission tops that I put together yesterday. They are sooooo nice.

I tried to put seven of them together, but ran into a problem that I did not know about. This lever is a reproduction lever, and the only one that I have ever tried to use. After I put it in, I found out that the shaft is .130 too long. The gear did not mesh properly, so it has to come out and get thrown in the trash.

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