Friday, December 31, 2010

misc blizzard pics

Here is a pic of outside the shop. I have been snowed in for a few days. it will probably be another couple days before I can go home. the temperature has been dancing around zero degrees for quite a while. the wind chill is easily -10. It is a lot better to be snowed in at the shop, than to be snowed in at home.

Here is a neat pic I took of a 37 oil tank that is in the shop for repairs. Check out the inside of the filler cap-- there is teak red paint on it. HD did not mask anything off, this is a question that I get asked from time to time. hopefully it helps some one out.

I did a bunch of neat welding and fab work today

Ray is just about done with the 55 transmission. this thing is so nice. I am really excited about the bike it is going to be blue with hard black bags.


  1. what's the story on the cam cover in the background?

  2. Matt,
    Is the cam cover some kind of tool/jig? Or just
    a hideous example of engraving? I'm betting on the tool/jig thing.
    John Graff

  3. its an old shovelhead cam cover that i am grinding up for a bobber. it will be neat when it is done. I would wait till it is finished, or at the very least a clear picture to make a judgement on how it looks