Wednesday, December 29, 2010

37 and 38 stuff

My dad put together a 38 bottom end yesterday. I took this pic of the flywheels before he set the bearings up. This bike is going to be sweet!

Here is a picture of our guard dog and cat. They are menacing

Here is a 37 frame that I have to work over. Our friend Paul brought this frame over from michigan to fix up. He rode it 3000 miles last summer. the motor and transmission were stressed members of the frame, kind of like a sport bike.

Surprisingly the motor/trans mount is still usable, which is great because the repro ones are terrible! early frames do not have the reinforcement tube in the seat post, and break a lot! It is pretty common for them to break in this area, I guess if you leave it alone, your frame breaks into pieces. HE also brought his motor to go through. All of the motor mounts are mint on it. I am amazed at how tough all of these old parts are.

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