Friday, December 17, 2010

48 motor pics!

My dad focused on John's 48 motor today. The cam endplay is set up and the cam cover is on for good in this picture.

Here is a neat pic of what is inside.

and here it is with the cylinders and tappet blocks installed. This was our last set of aluminum blocks. If anybody reading this has a set of aluminum 48 to 52 blocks for sale, shoot me an email.


  1. Matt, can't help with the aluminum tappet blocks, but my '48 (early) had iron blocks, the duplicate of the aluminum ones. Definitely not '53 versions. Ever seen a set?

  2. If I can find some in my Dad's stash you know they will have a new home in S.D.!!!!

  3. Matt, I've got a set but they need work. Seeing what you can do with cases & motormounts I don't see a big problem. I'll e-mail some pix.
    Merry Christmas !