Friday, December 24, 2010

bearing cages and 46 pics

I forgot to post a pic of these earlier. These are our prototype bearing cages that Delmar made up for us. They are soooooooooooooooooooooo cool. We had our first prototypes last week, and came up with a few things to tweak. The changes were made, and these are the new cat's meow. This was the single toughest part to find when piecing motors together. the taiwanese ones are terrible copies and come apart and destroy parts. My dad and I will sleep a lot better now knowing that something this nice is available. shoot me an email if you need some for your 54 and earlier ohv.

Well I switched out the top springs with some og ones. They fit perfectly! I also noticed another difference with the v twin top springs, they are made out of a lighter gauge wire than the oems. The bottom springs are spot on, I put a set on my 36 after I collapsed the original ones doing wheelies, and have 9,000 miles on them. anyways, everything is good now.

I couldn't resist putting the fork on and making this bike look like-well- a bike. The wheel is a spare one that we had out back. I still have to mount the tires on the wheels for this bike, but the tires are a little bit too cold to mount right now. haha.

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