Friday, December 24, 2010

Good bye bovanya

Here is a picture of Tanya and a snowman that we made last night. She flew in to take care of me after I crashed my sears and busted my arm and face. She went back home to Brooklyn this morning. I am bummed

I got a bunch of black paint back yesterday. Andy's handlebars were in it. They are sooo nice.

HEre is the frame for another really early 46 that we are doing. I will have this up on wheels by tonight.

The fork springs for the 46 were sprung, so I bought a kit from v twin. I have used their bottom springs in the past, and they work really well. Unfortunately the top springs do not work. Here is a pic of how they sit on the bearing collar. I found some nice used ones and will switch them out a little later on. Merry christmas everyone.

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