Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Paul's 37 ULH motor

We tore down the 37 motor yesterday, Paul did all of the grunt work since my left arm is still messed up. Paul is the third owner of the bike and it has been pretty much untouched since the mid sixties. Unfortunately there are a lot of busted up and serious repairs that need to be done to the trans, motor and frame. We will work through them though ,and he will end up with a bike that will last another sixty years. I just kind of guided him through it and inspected parts. This motor has matched cases, ul cylinders and later heads.

Check out the ohv pistons that were fit to it. somebody ground the domes flat and relieved the heads.

The cam bushings are worn out from having to tight of endplay and fiber shims.

Here is the motor spread out on the bench after dissassembly

Check out the early crank pin. we will put the later stepped pin in with the later cages, this enables you to use more bearings. Everything on the motor is in fixable shape, lots of stuff needs to be replaced and fixed up. Should be a fun project.

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  1. Harley spec. cam end play is a bit tight.
    Neat post . . .