Monday, December 27, 2010

plating and poor workmanship

This is a pic of the main drive gear on a 58 transmission that we got in to rebuild. It is from a fellow in Las Vegas, his uncle bought the bike in the early sixties. He had his motor and trans rebuilt by somebody that did a substandard job, he sent it to us to go through. We have encountered some interesting repairs that will need to be redone. Anyways It is always kind of challenging to figure out what happened and how it was dealt with. something went through this transmission and did some damage to the gears. whoever rebuilt itjust dressed the maindrive gear up with a flapper wheel or some other type of sanding/grinding apparatus.

Check out how the keepers were hammered over. You do not need to get these that tight, you want to bend them over and not creat a sharp edge when you do it. Ray went to take the keeper off of the countershaft and the metal ear just fell off with barely any pressure applied. You can see it on the piece of tape, this little shard would have shaken loose and went through all of the gears and caused big trouble!

Jesse spent the day prepping some parts for plating and parkerizing. these are the valve covers for a 39 ulh, they are nickle plated, all of the other parts are cad plated. I thought this was very interestesting.

Here is the pick up tube for the deluxe motor that I am working on. Check out the built in oil filter! I would hate to solder brass mesh all day long. That was somebodys job at the henderson factory 80 years ago! I spent the day working on the tappets and tappet adjusters and sorting out the other parts to finish bolting this motor together.

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