Thursday, December 2, 2010

42 el motor pics.

I started prepping a 42 motor today, Here is a pic of the right case with no oil pump studs.

Here is our cabinet in the clean room that we write a ton of dimensions down on. You can see the call out for all sorts of different studs, bearing clearances, end plays and other cool stuff. We remove, re plate and replace every stud in every bike we do. It makes the finished product that much nicer.
here is the pic of the studs installed. They are all within .005 of the correct length. check out the short spacer nut which is the same as on a 45. 41 42 43 and some 44 knuckleheads used this nut and it was extended to the later knucklehead and pan head style sometime in 44.
Here is a pic of all of the parts laid out. I have always wanted to take a picture like this. It is kind of like a widespread parts book picture, but with real life parts. There are a few parts missing, but most of it is there. Check out the circuit breaker, they are so damn beautiful

check out the 42 to early 45 oil pump. It is the hardest knucklehead pump to find besides an early early 36 one! This thing should be coming together in the next few days! stay tuned


  1. Matt: What is the difference in this pump from the later knuck oil pump? Thanks..

  2. Matt, whats the story on the painted oil pump and lifter blocks ? What years did they do that ?

  3. Matt,
    The oil pump cover bolt on my 41 has a tall head. The cover on my bike does not have the relief cut for the standard bolt head (just a taper instead of a step) so a wrench or socket won't grab the bolt unless a tall head is installed. Are you aware of this difference in the covers? (or perhaps I am seeing things that aren't real...)

  4. Ralph- the end cover is different on early pumps. This was a complete bottom end and it had a 1035 bolt for the cover. our original paint 41 has a tall headed bolt.

    lonnie-the 42 to early 45 pump is necked down and the chain oiler goes in at an angle

    rick-42 to really early 46 pumps lifter blocks and 45 transmission covers were painted white. silver paint back in the day had ground up aluminum in it, which was set aside for the war effort