Thursday, December 16, 2010

old bike stuff

We tore down this 39 uh motor yesterday. Our friend in texas bought it "rebuilt" and wanted us to go through it. It has a lot of really nice parts, just a little worn out

The engines rebuild consisted of .060 over pistons and new exhaust valves.

HEre is my dad tearing down a 48 motor that needs some going through. This is a really late 48 and has stainless pan covers and circuit breaker top. It is pretty nice stuff, just a little worn out.

This is a neat thing that happens once in a while. We are doing four 47 motors in this batch two of them are really late. Anyways the serial numbers were 90 numbers apart and the belly numbers are 18 apart. This is statistically pretty cool. We did a couple 38s a few years ago and they were seven numbers apart. It is pretty neat that these bikes that were probably made on the same day have been seperated for so many years, and now they get to visit each other again for a short time while being restored.

Here is a cool pic of the 52. I made some progress, and should be making more in the coming days

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