Wednesday, December 29, 2010

neat cylinder endgap tool

I spent the day fitting rings on two sets of henderson cylinders. Four cylinders a piece, four rings to check and fit the gap on per cylinder--32 rings in all. IT is important to check the gap past the relief for the cylinder skirt, make sure that the feeler gauge that you are using is square and perpendicular to the bore and gap!

Check out this awesome tool. The little wheel is a diamond wheel that cuts the inside of the rings so that you can dial in your gap to exactly what you want. The tolerance for these small little pistons is .008 to .016, I set all of mine up at .014 and .015.

HEre are the kj cylinders. the deluxes are on another bench. I am going out to put the cylinders on the motor!!!! wooohoo!

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