Monday, October 31, 2011


This weekend Dan pulled the motor out of Jerry's 49 for rebuild. This is a really cool old bike that needs some sorting out. The frame is cracked in half and the motor is a bit tired, we will sort it out this weekend. I am excited to work on it, the bike is pretty much un tampered with.

We got the wheels done for Glenn's bobber, they are very cool. We are going to run a juice brake on the back and spool hub on the front.

ooooo aaaaaa shiny

This is an out of focus picture of a nickle plated spool hub

I scored this really cool muffler tip for Gareth's 38. It is an original 37 to 40 muffler tip with the end trimmed off

This was a popular performance up grade back in the day. Guys would cut the end of the fishtail off and open it up with a pry bar for more flow. I think the only effect it had was to make the bike a little more loud , which kind of makes you feel like you are going faster. I will be working on another batch of mufflers this month, so let me know if you need one.

I spent the morning on John's 48 fender. Here it is before I started.

These are nos top horn mounting bolts with original 10-24 flex lock nuts. HD started using flex lock nuts in this application sometime in 46, before that they used normal nuts with internal tooth shake proof washers except for nine bolt horns. . . .

And after a bit of drilling and bolting. I still have to mount up the mudflap and sort out the front brake, but it should be sorted out this afternoon.

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