Sunday, October 9, 2011

pictures from the last few days

Here are the rims for Doug's 39. We should be putting this thing together in the next month or so. Pretty exciting.

Jake came back out to work on the barn. He told me that the concrete business has been tough because of how wet everything was in SD this year. He is trying to fit a summers worth of work into a few months. This is the fill for the floor of the barn.

Here they are putting in some sand. Now they are workin on the pex tubing. Construction is very interesting to me. I am glad that I do not do it for a living but enjoy seeing the processes involved with stuff like this.

One of our friends son is getting married, so we gave him a knucklehead for a wedding gift. Now he can say he is piecing together an old bike. The head in question is a mid 38 to late 39 head.

The intake threads are a little damaged, this will be a challenge to fix.


This is a 52 motor that we just got in to rebuild. The owner is from PA and had recently had it rebuilt, he said it was making a funny noise so he turned it off and pulled the cam cover and found some cracks.

the end play on the flywheels was ok, but the crank pin was sticking out quite a bit, it was hitting on the case and caused these nasty cracks. It is a real shame because the cases are mint, matched and virtually un touched. We will weld this up and re build the engine.

More crack age. In the letter he sent along with the motor he said that he really wants to ride the bike for more than a 100 miles in a day with out having to worry about it. When my dad called to discuss this with him he asked if he forgot a zero lol

Dan finished up the pipe for the 38, now he can pull the motor and go through it with the others.

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