Sunday, October 30, 2011

farmer stuff and fender trim

My dad spent yesterday trimming the fenders on John's 48 and Jim's 39. This is something that I have been very intimidated by for a long time. My dad does a really good job at it, so I always save it for him. The trim needs to be twisted and bent around to each individual bike, then polished and installed.


This bike looks like an entirely new bike with the fenders trimmed out. WOW. Good job dad

HEre is the front fender for Johns bike. The trim makes it look like an entirely different bike. It is so cool. Brittney and I spent yesterday helping Delmar put up electric fence at his dad's place. His dad had to have a minor surgery and needed some help. A lot of people helped me out after my crash, so I figured it would be a good idea to pay into the karma pool in case I need it again, plus it was a ton of fun to spend time with some of our favorite North Dakota friends.

Here is a picture of Brittney and a cow. This cow just kind of free grazes at Delmar's parents house. He seemed pretty nice.

Brittney wanted to take a picture of us with the cows. It was fun to play farmer for a day. I am glad that I get to work with motorcycles and not have to work with cows year round.

After we were done fencing we went and checked out Delmar's new tractor. Delmar told me he thought it was a late twenties tractor, but he isn't sure.

This is such a rugged unit.

One of the back tires was an s3 tire which means it was made out of synthetic rubber during world war two. I have seen a few mc tires like this, but never really paid much attention to other vehicles

Check out the tall knurl eaton gas cap. This has the same dimensions as a hd cap and it has a super cool gas gauge in it!!!

I would love to find one of these that was functioning, have any of you guys ever seen something like this? Please advise.

After the tractor we checked out this cool old iron that is gas powered. What a neat set up.

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