Thursday, October 20, 2011

stanley miller update and 48 and 38 pictures.

I had a great hour long talk with stanley yesterday. He is back at home and on the mend. He told me that the deer knocked the fire out of him. I am so glad he is ok. He starts physical therapy next week. I am sure he will be back to the Stanley that we all know and love in no time.

Miss Brittney has been helping out in the shop lately, here she is cleaning some 52 cases that she just blasted.

I picked up the sheet metal for John's 48 this afternoon. Daisy may approves.

I am pulling the sheet metal off of the 38 to drop off at Gilby's. The bike is going to be hollywood green, which is a great color. We did one a few years ago, it is in the photo section of our website

This bike is getting close. Next week should be pretty intense.

One of the tanks and the dash.

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  1. Miss are so damn cute...cashmere, costume jewelery and always a blessed to have you in our family... you go girl xox mom olsen