Wednesday, October 19, 2011

good bye 47 and hello case machining

I took Andy's 47 on it's last ride today, this is always a mix of emotions. I am happy with how it turned out, but at the same time sad to see it go as well as excited for Andy to get his new bike. The bike turned out well and I am looking forward to doing the next one.

I know there is a shadow in the picture, I should have turned the bike around.

Here it is all loaded up. and headed east

We have shipped a ton of bikes through allied over the years. We only had one claim, where they accidentaly cracked a tail light lens on a 46. They covered everything it cost to fix and replace it. They are a great shipping company and am glad we work with them.

I am almost done with the dash wiring on the 46.

My dad is prepping cases for motor season. Here is a set of 52s that he is doing the cylinder bases and motor mounts on.

Check out the finish it is flawless.

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