Monday, October 17, 2011

pictures from the weekend

My Dad is moving along on bottom ends. This is a fryer that he has filled with motor oil, he heats up timken bearings in it and then assembles the left case on the flywheel. The hot oil expands the bearings so that they slide right on to the shaft.


Miss Brittney went over to Mikes to drop off some sandblasting and took these photos of the sheetmetal for Johns 48.

It is looking good. It is just drying right now and still has to be wet sanded and buffed. I cant wait to build this bike. Next week should be pretty exciting, we have the 46 sheet metal getting finished and hopefully this will be done as well.

This is our friend Mike from Canada, He is having a 39 knucklehead built for him by one of our friends. He had never ridden a knuckle head or hand shift bike before, so we set him up on our 39. The next day we had a friend Sean come by the shop and we taught him how to ride a handshift bike too.

This is our friend Fracois from the Switzerland/France border. He flew in to hang out for the weekend and ride and work on old bikes. We had a great time. He has a few bikes and restores them to the same level that we do, so we had a lot to talk about and were like old friends.

I had him disassemble the 38 bobber heads, and then a set of 46 heads.

Here he is making a puller for use on circuit breaker studs and idler gear studs.

The floor for the barn was also poured, so that is pretty exciting. we are going to have a beam placed perpendicular to the two long beams and will be able to free span the entire room.

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