Friday, October 7, 2011

piston pin tool, head badge and 47 pictures

It is a great day to go for a ride.

My friend Tim stopped by and showed me this cool ajax head badge for a really old bicycle. It is heavily embossed and sooooo nice looking. I would love to have the opportunity to meet one of the guys that made dies for parts like these. It is amazing craftsmanship.

Here is the tool for installing original style piston clips. It works really well. We just finished up a set of panhead cylinders for a friend and he does not have this tool, soooo....

I made him up a blue print. ifigured it might be of help to some of you guys too. Check it out!


  1. Never throw out these sketches and prints-you know you will need them later. Or a friend will.

  2. I'm looking for informations about Ajax brand... and I found only this photo on your blog.
    I have a Ajax bicycle but without this head badge... Do you have any ideas about Ajax origin or from what period it comes from?