Tuesday, October 4, 2011

construction pics and 38 stuff from the weekend

This is Ace from Kentucky. He stopped by the shop on Saturday after reading about my dad and I in Hog magazine, HE showed up on his ultra and went right to work helping Dan and I out on the barn. The timing of his visit and his willingness to help out Dan and I was amazing. We made a new friend and got a lot of work done.

Here are the beams that we built for the barn over the weekend. they are 42 feet long and made up of two by twelve boards sandwiching in some type of wood. Dan did all the hard and intelligent work. I made coffee handed him screws, switched batteries and was there for emotional support. I learned a lot just by watching though. construction is cool, especially when you are working within the confines of an existing structure. it is like making cool engines, but on a huge scale.

Ace stayed in the center while we lifted the beam up on each side. We would space it up four feet on one end, then space it up another four feet on the other. etc...

And installed. These upright beams were a super tight fit and are all anchored in. There will be a 14 inch i beam placed perpendicular to these two beams and supported by steel uprights. Construction is very interesting and I am learning a lot. I am glad that I do not do it every day, I think the novelty would wear off quickly.

Dan and Ace did such a good jobon the barn I turned them loose on the 38 project.

Everything on the bike was easy to take apart according to dan and Ace. None of the fasteners have any corrosion in the threads. I saw a bunch of rust and nasty deposits in the intake manifold which makes me feel a lot better about taking the engine apart to prevent damage to the bike upon starting.

This is about as far as Ace and Dan made it on the 38. Dan will finish up the pipe on saturday, then we can throw it in the snow and forget about it in hopes that it will be rusted up and similar to the other side by the time we get the motor rebuilt.

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