Thursday, October 27, 2011

summer time photo and new bike progress

Hre is a cool picture of my 36 and my dad's 53 somewhere in Michigan this summer. Brittney and i took a three thousand mile trip with some friends all over Ohio and Michigan. The only problem that we had was on my 36, I had built the bike two weeks before the trip and accidentally hooked the generator power wire on to the wrong terminal on my ignition switch. We got it fixed and everything worked great the rest of the trip. I guess that is what happens when you get in a rush
I routed the front brake cable for John's bike this morning.

Here is the handle and all the little clamps and oiler.

I spent the morning riveting the footboards for the 48. This always takes a while.

Tool box and kicker pedal installed

I built up a couple of kicker pedals at the same time. Here is the one for Jim's 39.

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  1. Very groovy man. My Excelsior 2 speed is just needing some details now. Why work when I can watch you? Hehehhe. Thanks for the blog, Paul