Wednesday, October 26, 2011

parts and parts

We got a prototype top motor mount today. Check out how the edges are radius ed in the corner. Originals have sharp corners, and always break. Hopefully this will make top motor mounts last a little longer. I am going to add a little material on the top edge of the mount. This is a part that is engineered to be the weakest link kind of like a brass gear in a lathe. If you think about it, a top motor mount is a lot easier to replace or weld up than an engine mount on your case, or the top motor mount on your frame. I have friends that have made indestructible top motor mounts and broken the top motor mount tab off of their frame.

Here is one that is not welded together yet.

We got the buddy seat for Jason's 65 today. It turned out amazing.

I wrapped it up in saran wrap and will deliver it with the bike when it is finished. 65 flhs are too tall for me, There is no way I could muscle one around with a super soft buddy seat on it. Chuck and Jo did this seat and it is amazing. Every detail is spot on and perfect! Thanks Saddle Shop

When I was in Milwaukee I was hanging out with my friend Paul, He showed me this awesome accessory. I borrowed it from him and will be making a few up. My mold making friend Dan is coming in next week to do a sculpture, so I will have him make the mold when he is in town.

Do any of you guys know what this is for? My friend Matt in South carolina has one on his 41 fl.


  1. An accessory stand for the right foot board. they are kinda neat!

  2. When I saw the one on Matts bike at the Knucklehead M/C Reunion, I was sure I would never see another. Your Dad had approached Matt and asked him if he could borrow it to make a copy. Matt said heck no, then everybody would have one! A vert cool and usefull accessory.

  3. Yes I do. The shop that made these side stands was in my home town... Metuchen NJ on Main street and I lived on the that street for 33 years! The building is now a Bar and Sub shop!

  4. makes it easy to change the front tire too!