Friday, October 28, 2011

46 updates

I made some progress on Wayne's 46 last night and this morning.

Oil lines are installed. The feed line and vent line fit up fairly easily, the return line took a bit of massaging, but it is all good.

I finished up the wiring under the seat post. Those are correct 46 and 47 wiring flags that we make. Notice how the positive wire loops up through the clip on the left frame tube and then wraps around the two tail light wires.

Check out all the cool details and contrasts in plating going on in this picture.

I have another set of exhaust to fit up this weekend, then I can get a batch of pipes painted up. It is neat to be working on another batch of three bikes that are red, black and Blue, the last batch were the same colors. HD didn't really offer that many options in these years.

1 comment:

  1. Matt, Do you have a good source for oil and fuel lines? And where do you get your wiring harness?

    The 46 looks amazing! I love the contrasts.