Wednesday, October 12, 2011

John's 48 paint job pictures

Miss Brittney and I headed over to Mikes to check out how he paints sheet metal. We saw this turtle in the middle of the road, so we stopped to help him out.

Here is Brittney saving the snapping turtles life.

Here is the flight red paint for John's bike.

This is all the sheet metal. It took two weeks worth of work to get everything this far.

The salmon colored stuff on the tin is sealer.

Here is Mike spraying the stuff down with compressed air.

Here is the rear fender with the base coat on. It gets two coats of base coat and two coats of clear

After each coat mike wipes down everything with a terry clothe, then sprays it with compressed air, then puts on another layer of paint

Here is a cool picture of him spraying clear on it. He uses a special clear only gun that has a large spray pattern.

Another picture of clear getting laid down. After this dries, he will wet sand and buff everything, then we get to start finishing up the bike!!!

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