Wednesday, October 5, 2011

47 saddlebags from Chuck and Jo at the saddleshop

I started mounting the bags on Andy's 47 yesterday and finished them today.

Here they are all mounted up. We sent an original set of bags to Chuck and jo at the saddleshop to copy. They did an amazing job on my sears seat, henderson seat so we figured they could do a good job on the saddlebags. I have never seen craftsmanship like this on leather work. it is so cool.

They copied the latches, plates, rosettes and all the other details. They even made the rivets that hold the plate onto the bag and nickle plated them. The quality of the parts and attention to detail are spot on.

All of the spacing of the rosettes, buttons and rivets are perfect. All of the double stitching is parallel and perfect.
Thanks Chuck and Jo, go to their website at to order yours.

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